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live room drum mic setup
part of the rack control room
Rode NT1A

Recording Studio

Whether you are a solo artist, duo or a band we can help you achieve professional results in any project.
We are able to accomodate a full band for a "live" recording or we can track everything individually, then mix to
stereo, enhancing the recording with a huge range of plug-ins.

Tracking - up to 24 simultaneous tracks then unlimited over dubs. Extensive MIDI available.
Mixing - we mix projects recorded here or at home or elsewhrere
Mastering - projects recorded & mixed here or elsewhere, optimised for volume, dynamic range, clarity & punch.
Rendering & burning to CD or other media, USB, External Hard-drive etc
Transfer of vinyl and cassette recordings to digital media.

AKG Perception 100
AKG Perception 120
AKG Perception 150
AKG Perception 170
AKG D770
Audio Technica AT2050
Audio Technica Pro 25AX
Audio Technica ATM25
Audix D6
Beyer Dynamic TGV30D5
Rode NT1
Rode NT1A
Rode M1
Rode M2
Senheiser E906
Senheiser E604
Shure Beta 56A
Shure SM57
Shure SM58

DI's - Boss, Radial, Samson

Headphones - AKG, Koss & Senheiser
Speakers - Avantone, Samson & Wharfdale

Yamaha MX400 24 channel analog mixer
Mindprint & Drawmer, stereo analog compressors
Lexicon MX200 Reverb

Motu 24I/O Interface 96K

Custom built PC

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5 DAW
Melda Productions Plug In Suite
Wavelab 9.5 Mastering Software

Vinyl to CD duplication - Marantz, Ortofon, Sonnox Restoration Suite

$45 per hour includes engineer.
$300 for an 8hr day, which can be split into more than 1 session.
Negotiable rates for extended projects.
Special rates for for solo projects & for mix & master only.


Shop 2, 52 Cottage Lane, Hackham, S.A. 5163



Phone: 08 8326 2661
Mobile (David): 0411 577 675